Ihle Violins

Beauty may happen in the dynamics of lines, in the tension between strength and fragility, in the shimmering game between light and shadow ... This is what I love about violin making.

I trained in Cremona. My first job led me to Wilhelm Geigenbau in Switzerland, working in maintenance, repair and sound adjustment. Then followed five years with Florian Leonhard in London. During these years my focus shifted from restoration to making copies of fine old instruments with the occasional replacement of a missing scroll or table for fine instruments.
Prior to setting up my own workshop, I spent two years working with Mark Wilhelm in Switzerland, to build my skills in sound adjustment.
In October 2013 I set up my own company, IHLE VIOLINS , in a spacious central London workshop, building bespoke concert violins and replacement parts for fine old violins. Where meticulous restoration is required, I collaborate with my wife, Tomoko Murai, who is an excellent restorer employed at J&A Beare.

Background image by Sophie Lewisohn.