Ihle Violins

Beauty may happen in the dynamics of lines, in the tension between strength and fragility, in the shimmering game between light and shadow ... This is what I love about violin making.

I won a silver Medal at Indianapolis!

So very happy that my copy of the Rouse-Boughton Stradivari has received a Silver Medal for Workmanship at this years VSA Competition in Indianapolis.


Other winners are:

Jeff Phillips- double gold violin

Collin Galahue- gold violin

Jason Viseltear- gold viola

Stephan von Baehr& Paul Belin- silver workmanship violin and tone cello

Anrew Ryan: silver workmanship violin

Rainer Bailharz: silver workmanship, cello

and others


The tone judges for Violin were:

Chiun-Teng Cheng
Austin Hartman


The workmanship judges were:

Carlo Chiesa – Italy
David Folland – USA
Andrea Frandsen – France
Feng Jiang – USA
John Montgomery – USA
Jan Spidlen – Czech Republic

For a full list go to:


Background image by Sophie Lewisohn.