Ihle Violins

Beauty may happen in the dynamics of lines, in the tension between strength and fragility, in the shimmering game between light and shadow ... This is what I love about violin making.

Stripping a violin

Never I feel calmer and rarely more at peace then when stripping one of my freshly varnished violins in order to redo it more beautifully. But what is it, that keeps me doing it over and over again. A most dubious way to success and a rather crooked creative process- says my head.

It certainly sets an end to the weeks of doubting, whether it looks great or dreadfull. Then there are moments of big beauty, when the stripper soaks it's way through the layers of patina, varnish and ground, lifting the colour coat like on an air cuscion rendering the ever searched fragility of the colour coat and the never achieved depth to the wood. Once revarnished the purfling will no longer contrast that strongly with the surounding wood, like a cliff falling endlessly down the blue see at Capri.

Or is it only the strippers solvents soothing my restless vanity?



Background image by Sophie Lewisohn.